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The mountain rescue service is always looking for new rescue workers. If you are interested in volunteering at a mountain rescue station, we recommend that you consider the following:

• Clarify beforehand with both yourself and your family how much time you can devote to your voluntary commitments!
• Is it possible in terms of work and family to spend time on the necessary courses and assignments?
• Do you live in the immediate vicinity of the rescue service?
• Are you willing to invest your work and time in a voluntary capacity?
• Are you ready to leave everything behind in order to respond to a call?
• Are you physically and mentally capable of helping people in need?

Our requirements for mountain rescue workers:
• You must be at least 18 years of age.
• You must live in the immediate vicinity of the rescue service.
• You must be a member of the South Tyrol Alpine Association and:
• An active mountain climber
• Experienced in rock, ice and ski mountain climbing
• In good condition and health
• Your work allows you to be made available for rescue assignments and rescue courses
• You are willing to volunteer

The South Tyrol Alpine Association mountain rescue training is one of the most comprehensive training courses in the South Tyrol rescue service. Good basic Alpine knowledge is a prerequisite. In addition to training, which all applicants can benefit from privately, rescue operations and exercises are however conducted at the applicant’s home mountain rescue station. The AVS mountain rescue service assumes the responsibility for rescuing injured persons in the Alpine terrain. When entering the mountain rescue service, please consider that the association can only fulfill this task if each individual contributes their share. Some leisure time will need to be sacrificed, but good teamwork and fellowship forms the basis of our association.


In the event that you are interested in joining us, please contact your local rescue station

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