Ski Slope Rescue

Of the 35 mountain rescue stations, almost 30 provide rescue services at ski resorts and along cross-country ski runs. Currently we deploy 5 engine sleds and 7 ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles), also known as “quads”, to ensure that the site of an accident can be reached in a short time.

Standard bruising and fractures, collisions between two skiers, accidents with snow vehicles, avalanches triggered by off-piste skiers, heart attacks at ski resorts, missing guests ... the variety of potential rescue missions at a ski resort cannot be found elsewhere.

Weather conditions and constantly changing terrain place a high demand on mountain rescuers, who are well equipped for emergency rescue operations thanks to their extensive training in emergency medical and Alpine technology.

In close cooperation with various other institutions, a myriad of patients are cared for daily on the slopes and cross-country ski runs of South Tyrol.

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