Raising the Alarm

The South Tyrol mountain rescue service can be reached by dialing the european emergency number "112". The emergency call center is available 24 hours a day.

How to make an emergency call correctly:


WHERE IS THE EMERGENCY LOCATION Name your exact location (route number, altitude, GPS coordinates) and describe the characteristics of the terrain (intersection, sign, etc.)
If you do not know your exact location, ask a passerby. The more accurate your information is, the quicker help can arrive!
WHO IS CALLING State your name and the telephone number at which you can be reached with any further questions

Describe briefly and precisely what exactly has happened.
"A hiker has fallen down from the road into rough terrain." ...
"A cry for help was heard coming from the rock face." ...
"A hiker has experienced a stabbing pain in their chest." ...

HOW MANY INJURED ARE THERE State how many people are injured. Is there anyone in further danger (e.g. from falling rocks)?
WAIT IN CASE THERE ARE ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS Do not conclude the call immediately. You should not terminate the call until the agent has no further questions. Please remain on the phone for any further questions

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